Quiz Night: Napoleon Dynamite, Urkel or Bill Gates?

Can’t tell the difference?  Ok, try this joke: 

(wording borrowed from www.everything2.com, though there are innumerable variations) 

The Flood is over and the ark has landed. Noah lets all the animals out and says, “Go forth and multiply.”

A few months later, Noah decides to take a stroll and see how the animals are doing. Everywhere he looks he finds baby animals. Everyone is doing fine except for one pair of little snakes. “What’s the problem?” askes Noah.
“Cut down some trees and let us live there”, say the snakes.

Noah does as they say. Several weeks later, Noah checks on the snakes again. Lots of little snakes, everybody is happy. Noah asks, “Want to tell me how the trees helped?”

“Certainly”, say the snakes. “We’re adders, so we need logs to multiply.”

Get it?  You remember your logarithms, right?

Now you’re ready for this Thursday’s Robotic Librarian challenge.  Don’t be scared, I actually know two people who took this and turned out to be blissfully, boringly normal.  But let’s be honest, the fact that you’re reading this (or any) blog must mean that you are either a nerd, dork or geek

Now, be patient, because the quiz is actually quite long –but then you don’t want to sacrifice quality for any easy answers. right?

It’s Navin R. Johnson!

Good luck!

“A physicist is just an atom’s way of looking at itself.”  (Niels Bohr)


One Response to Quiz Night: Napoleon Dynamite, Urkel or Bill Gates?

  1. Idetrorce says:

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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