The sound of one blogosphere cataloged

A few days ago I came across this nice resource for digital librarians that I thought I would share with you. It’s called Liszen, a library blog search engine maintained by Garrett Hungerford, a current student at Wayne State University. Liszen is part of the larger Library Zen network, and it is powered by WordPress’ K2 template which I need to look into now that I am trying to update the look of my blog without falling prey to a monthly-fee hosting site. (And by the way, if anyone out there can recommend to me a near-free hosting site that looks kindly on broke graduate students, please drop me a line, I’d really appreciate it)

He currently lists over 700 library related blogs, and there are a promising number of foreign language blogs listed in his master wiki blog list. The list is quite interesting to browse, just to see the amazing diversity of focuses: there’s the technical (SciTech Library Question) to the industry specific (The Industrial Librarian, a corporate aerospace blogger whose June 16th post is a list of other Library Technician blogs!) to the personal (Bibliotherapy for Obsessive/Compulsive Readers) and of course many Young Adult librarian resources (for example, there’s Gemini Moon featuring YA book reviews).

It isn’t hard to submit a blog yourself, and he has a call for others to help him out. I did submit Robotic Librarian several days ago but I haven’t heard back or been listed yet. He suggests waiting 7 days, so I will keep you posted on how up to date the system is. In the meantime, check out those other blogs for ideas, resources, and just good old networking opportunities. You won’t be disappointed.

(Warning: a word from the Mithering Office)

I can’t end this though without griping about the use of “zen” in the project name. I am uncomfortable with widely supported misappropriations of Zen Buddhism as a catch-all term for wisdom, serenity, enlightenment and any other new-agey sentiment promoted in Western culture. Remember the Hindu deities on footware? And I don’t think that panties that ask WWJD or have a Christian fish on them are too respectful either. Suddenly I feel like an out of touch fuddy duddy — I think I just expect more of people whose métier is information.  Ok, mithering over + done.

Hindu dogwear


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