Quiz Night: Are you now or have you ever been an American citizen?

Robert Mapplethorpe American Flag, 1977

Here’s a special edition of Quiz Night, in part because I may not have access to the Internet tomorrow (unless my local coffee shop is open). So here’s an early Happy 4th of July! I dedicate this edition to our three branches of government, and to their mutual chain of accountability and oversight. Chicago will be heady with the scent of beer and burgers as a I bike my way around town, in search of the best backyard (veggie) barbecue. Don’t forget to look for the fireworks tonight if you’re in or near Chi-Town. Early revelers in the park across from my apartment have already been scaring the hair off my dogs the past few nights with some thunderous celebrations.

I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby is already celebrating & hollering with joy as well, since his 30 month prison sentence was commuted by President Bush yesterday. Here’s the official White House release on the affair. Wasn’t Bush paying attention to the whole Paris Hilton fiasco? His timing is extremely baffling to say the least. I seem to recall a loud furor over Clinton’s Presidential pardons, especially concerning Marc Rich, but Bush hasn’t been too slack in issuing pardons and commutation either. He did publicly state, just days after assuming the presidency: Should I decide to grant pardons, I will do so in a fair way. I will have the highest of high standards.” If there was information that would exonerate Libby, shouldn’t he have presented it to the jurors and the court?

But anyhow, in celebration of the 4th, I wanted to bring you Thursday’s quiz night a little early. Here is a Citizenship quiz from Writing.com, authored by the suspiciously named Special Kay and based on study materials for official INS citizenship exams. So am I qualified to celebrate the 4th?

Apparently just 84% qualified, it seems — but what about you?


4 Responses to Quiz Night: Are you now or have you ever been an American citizen?

  1. Sherry says:

    I’m 92% qualified, and I’m betting I did better than Cheney and Bush. Cheney, for instance, would have missed #22 for sure:

    22. Government:
    Which is NOT part of the Executive branch of the United States Government?
    The President
    The Vice President
    The Office of Inspector General
    The Cabinet
    Departments under the Cabinet

    Happy 4th of July, Steven, and keep up the engaging posts.

  2. Vaucanson's Duck says:

    Thank you Sherry for your kind encouragement. I was afraid that I would lose some readers since I’m only 84% American.

    I definitely agree that Cheney would’ve missed #22. I wish I could require Bush, Cheney and the gang to take the official 100 question INS prep quiz…maybe it should be a compulsory part of the No Politician Left Behind act?

  3. Uglatto says:

    Crap. I got an 80%, a B-. But I take issue with the Francis Scott Key writing the national anthem question, as it clearly had two false statements. Just ask the guys from Negativeland. Don’t you wish you weren’t sober?

  4. Vaucanson's Duck says:

    Who is?

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