Hats off to Tipper, the PMRC & the MPAA, NISM?

I thought I would preempt the inevitable backlash against Robotic Librarian by denying my critics the satisfaction.

What's My Blog Rated?

So far the only naughtiness to appear in my blog is the word “cocaine” and that isn’t even part of a post, just a link in my blogroll. (OK, well, now it is) I thought drug references automatically score at least a PG-13, but I guess I can’t always believe what I read. Plus after the controversy over The Higher Power of Lucky I wouldn’t think I’d be given a free pass. They must be using the 1968 era rules, by which Stanley Kubrick’s 2001 was granted the golden G. I don’t know about you, but 2001 is one of the scariest movies I’ve ever seen…by the time HAL starts singing for Dave I start to feel like I’m in the Black Lodge. Standards certainly have changed in my day.


One Response to Hats off to Tipper, the PMRC & the MPAA, NISM?

  1. Uglatto says:

    Steve, is this you? It must be given the references to Twin Peaks, 2001, and scrotums – further proof that we are kindred spirits. Not to mention your namesake of the digesting and defecating mechanical duck. I remember the first time you saw 2001 and telling you it was rated G. Yes, the scariest movie we have ever seen is right up there with Bambi and Muppets From Space. What does that say about what’s in our scrotums? You can call me flower if you want to.

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