I am an old anarchist

“You see, I am an old anarchist — you have to destroy the power, not take the power. I think we are opening all the boundaries, and that with this tool, this media [cinéma vérité], people without writing can transmit their fantasies to some other people and to share that with them. And it was maybe the aim of the first anthropologists. But, unfortunately, they wanted to be scientists and to push their own explanation on the others systems. We are just making archives of that without explanation. The explanation will come later on. I think that’s wonderful because it will change the face of the world.”

Jean Rouch, 1978

A Videotaped Conversation with Jean Rouch, Ricky Leacock and friends, Summer Institute on Media Arts at Tufts University, July 13 1978

uploaded by guano to flickr on march 13 2007 (creative commons)

“Well, I think the most important thing in the world of today is to have friends, and to do something with friends. If you are doing something with people that you don’t respect, it’s a bore. And unfortunately, the majority of people of the world today are making a world that they hate…I think we have this old myth still living behind us. I think this myth was there this morning, just somewhere in our brain, coming from an ancient age, which is a relation with nature and things that we have lost. And it is still there, even if there’s just small sparkling things.”


2 Responses to I am an old anarchist

  1. PaK says:

    Confession: I read your blog all the time but I am too intimidated to post any comments. Your posts read like very impressive essays and I never feel prepared to respond to them without considerable thought and research. I mean, I don’t even feel _qualified_ to comment on them.

    But as a social worker, I do feel qualified to comment on the above quotes. It’s true, isn’t it – so few people seem to really love the world as it is, but almost all of us are spending our time keeping it the same. Better the devil we know, right? Change is scary, paradigms give a sense of security, and predictability is reassuring – even if what you’re predicting, and then getting, is something you kind of hate.

    I bet you feel much happier now.

  2. nelson says:

    thank you for everithing banksy
    all love portugal

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