An Embarrassment of Riches

Yes, there is a lot of talk about Web 2.0 these days, but apparently people are happier just quietly getting things done. Pull up a chair, I need to show you something.

It’s called Go2Web2.0. This is by far the most comprehensive and easy to use guide to electronic parcels of Web 2.0 I have come across. Go on, take it for a spin.

With little work you can visit the Afrigator, your source for everything in the Afrosphere. The Sparkmeter offers to take a bite out of bias in the infosphere. Huminity claims to harness something called Social Ecosystems. TwitThis will Twitter messages for you. (Huh? Isn’t Twitter already simplified?) Eyejot offers video messaging, and Talkster makes phone calls to you IM buddies a snap. Go far enough down the wonder wheel and the clickable squares go blank, perhaps in deference to your overstimulation. Don’t let that fool you, every town square is occupied by hanging chads.

I am not linking in order to let you explore Go2Web2.0, the site is that absurdly cramped with would-be innovations as well as flecks of genuine gold. If you need your web fed to you in astronaut-style bites, however, then you can cool down and relax at the Web List. They aggregate the collected clicks of we, or rather you and I, the base level users of the Internet. Just be warned: “Please understand you use this website (“THEWEBLIST.NET”) “AT YOUR OWN RISK”. THEWEBLIST.NET does not take any responsibility for any problems or damage that may occur from the use of this website.”

I need a disclaimer for Robotic Librarian like that…


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