A Call for Everything

I forgot to highlight this in my book review, but I wanted to let everyone know about an intriguing opportunity for writers out there. I came across this in Boing Boing originally, so forgive me if you’ve seen it already.


Monochrom is an intriguing looking journal that has put out a call for submissions. They are “an art-technology-philosophy group having its seat in Vienna and Zeta Draconis. monochrom is an unpeculiar mixture of proto-aesthetic fringe work, pop attitude, subcultural science, context hacking and political activism. Our mission is conducted everywhere, but first and foremost in culture-archeological digs into the seats (and pockets) of ideology and entertainment. monochrom has existed in this (and almost every other) form since 1993.”

What they are looking for is reviews on any subject at all. What kind of subject? Well…

There is no maximum or minimum length for articles or essays. There is no general topic whatsoever. You write about things you find interesting. Or boring. Your text could be about radical constructivism. Or fish and chips. Or hacking your toilet. Or blowing up Mercury. Or HTML. Or Mormon theology and Battlestar Galactica. You’ll find your topic!

A big section of the publication will be dedicated to reviews. And we review everything. Want to review a certain medieval war? Or arctic sea protozoans? Laws of nature? Climate zones? Ways to die? Lava streams? Spam headers? Demonstrations? Sumerian gods? Neon feelings? A crisis? The different types of snow in Stephen King novels? Book shelves in porn movies? Kosher hot dogs? Axiology? Sperm? Johann Sebastian Bach? German officers in American movies who shout “Schweinerei”? Russian oil pumps? Calvinistic prayers? Trash cans in Kansas and/or Lithuania?…The Northwest as an ontological entity? Perfect! Go on!

Pretty much anything, as you can see. Check out the Call For Everything page to see how to send in your creative works. The deadline is September 15th. I’ve never heard of them before, but I like their everything-and-the-kitchen-sink spirit. If you submit anything, be sure to let me know about it. Good luck!


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