Seattle’s Path is a Strange and Difficult One

I will be flying to Seattle in a few hours, wish me luck on this Friday the 13th. I’ve been there numerous times now but surprisingly I’ve only been just inside the foyer of the Seattle Public Library. This time I plan on making a more thorough foray into the mysterious cabal that is Seattle Public. Here’s a sneak peek–

Seattle Public Library by Rem Koolhaas taken by DeVos, creative commons on Flickr

Wait, are you serious? That looks like the inside of Lenny Kravitz’s place, minus the speakers and wet bar.


(Not that picture, exactly; unfortunately I couldn’t find an online copy of the one I was thinking of, a picture I have from an old Architectural Digest of the entrance to his place which looks like something from Kubrick’s 2001. That, or like a birth canal.) I guess that’s what happens when you ask Rem Koolhaas to design the interior of your library. One of my favorite books he has helped author is reminiscent of a David Byrne production, with vinyl yellow covers and a squishy title-mousepad add-on that just guarantees it will be a must-read.


I do admire some of the philosophy in his books, especially about the need for considering the impact of unchecked urban sprawl, while other aspects of his mental-scape entirely elude me. Such as his proposal to build an evil Empire style Death Star in Dubai a few years ago, check this thing out:


What was he thinking? That people in India have never seen Star Wars? Or does Koolhaas want to be the next Emperor Palpatine?? Either way, his proposal had as much likelihood of being used as did half of Salvador Dali’s proposed dream sequence for the Hitchcock film Spellbound, which would’ve required Ingrid Bergman to be encased in a statue shell, and then emerge from it, like emerging from an egg, covered by ants. Eewww. Of course, what they did wind up using was really strange anyhow, and is the only worthwhile part of an otherwise excruciating movie. (Honestly, who needed to see an entire film like the completely out-of-place psychological claptrap at the end of Psycho?) If you’re interested, you should check out the dream:

So I will write when I can from Seattle, and give you as much insider detail about the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation funded Seattle Public Library while using one of the 500 computers in their little “mixing room,” which is on the same floor as this mixing chamber depicted here:

The Mixing Chamber by vsz, creative commons from Flickr

Oh this is going to be fun work.


One Response to Seattle’s Path is a Strange and Difficult One

  1. PaK says:

    Wow, that dream sequence kind of made me embarrassed for Western civilization. Which was worse – Dr. Fake Freud or the Dali-esque wheel in the dream?? And what’s with this female assistant who doesn’t mind if she becomes her patients’ dream sex object, as long as she’s not an egg-beater?

    Also, you should know that I thought the shot of the library looked like something out of Logan’s run, until your birth canal comment. Now I’ll never be able to think of the Seattle Public Library without thinking of vaginas again.

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