Quiz Night: etymology

The Rosetta Stone

Tonight’s quiz will challenge even the most confident lexicographers, logophiles, and word nerds. I’m talking about Etymologic!, one of the most challenging word origin quizzes I have come across. I took Latin for four years in high school only to augment the scope and flexibility of my vocabulary, and, honestly, because my school wasn’t teaching Japanese. My best run so far is 6 correct answers, but I want to score that well without having to guesstimate so often. It’s an ego thing.

When you’re done, you may want to brush up on your correlations and cross-references by visiting the British National Corpus and searching for all the words you got wrong. If that doesn’t do the trick, there’s always the Internet Anagram Server, which will slice and dice any phrase or alphabetic string up to 29 letters long. Perhaps it’ll help you compose your own mnemonic, rebus, acronym or personal method of loci after your tenth try at conquering Etymologic! Avast ye scurvy wordsmythe, we shall meet again!


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