Quiz Night: Springfield, AlcaVtOrMiMeIlOk

(Today’s Electro-Map coming soon; first, Thursday’s Quiz:)


Have you ever wondered where Springfield, Simpsonsville really is? Are you already familiar with the Interactive Map of Springfield?

Maybe it’s time for you to take the Simpsons Quiz & figure out just how loyal a fan you are. If the MSNBC quiz is too simperingly mainstream, too pathetically simple, perhaps you should try the Simpsons Trivia Contest for a grueling 300+ trivia marathon which tests your loyalty to the Simpsons clan.

Or are you actually a long lost relative of the Simpsons yourself, biding your time Uncle Fester-like, hoping to lay a righteous claim on your property? Have you been Simpsonized?

As you subject yourself to tonight’s quizzes, just keep in mind this tiny acorn of Homer’s wisdom: “Kids, you tried your best and you failed miserably. The lesson is, never try.”


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