The Electro-Map Menagerie → Les Cites Obscures

From Urbicande on Les Cites Obscures

Unless you can read French you may need to bring a Babel Fish along with you to enjoy today’s Electro-Map. One of the more curious corners of digital cartography is Les Cites Obscures, a free-form exploratory environment supposedly the result of “15 years of meticulous research.” It is the work of François Schuiten & Benoît Peeters who set out to create an “interactive webfiction.”

With a few judicious clicks from the cartes section of Les Cites Obscures you can travel through a tantalizing confusion of streets and geographies, while meeting sly personalities along the way. Navigating this site is reminiscent of both the first Myst game as well as my first afternoon with Nick Bantok’s Griffin and Sabine series. I only wish I knew French at all!  Either way it is a delectable cartographic treat.

Tomorrow,  the irreducible cost of war.


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