The Electro-Map Menagerie → Seismic Relations

Today’s Electro-Map, the final entry in our tour of cutting edge digital cartography projects, is the Seismic Monitor. This nifty little interface allows you to check out daily seismic activity around the world, both in relation to immediacy and severity. With a single click from the front page you can see the most recent earthquake news (courtesy Google), check out the last 30 days worth of earthquake activity, or even see the strangely named Special Events section wherein information about quakes with significant global impact is collected. (At first I thought, Special Events? Like earthquake parties, or events for children?)


The data on the main map stretches back five years, with the oldest quakes depicted in purple, and the newest ones, current in the past 24 hours, shown as a throbbing, angry red animation. There are a lot more than I thought there would be, and the bit that stretches around the outer edges of Siberia down to the crown of Australia are interestingly storm-like in its pinwheel configuration. Perhaps an expert at divining earthquake patterns can educate me as to whether or not these are typical patterns, but they’re striking nonetheless.

So that’s it for the Electro-Map Menagerie, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed finding them. If anyone has suggestions for other maps let me know; I may create a dedicated Electro-Map page at some point in the near future, as an ongoing digital cartographic archive. I didn’t even get to the Google Earth famous film locater! How many other treasures are there, glittering in the webday sun?


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