Crunch Time


I need sleep. That will be me if I don’t get some soon. I have just finished up a grueling midterm, and a rather fun business research guide, and there is no end to the workload in sight. In fact, there are signs that it’ll get more intense. I cannot wait for my summer classes to be done, for they are lovely but exhausting.

In the meantime, if you’re interested you should check out the pathfinder that Paul Go, James Elliott and I put together for the fictional Shady Acres Public Library, it’s the little blog that could. The day after we launched it with all the content, it got about 35 or so original hits, and someone even clicked through to Robotic Librarian! Are there that many people looking for information on researching businesses and corporations? And with so many fantastic contenders out there, why did they choose our modest little hamlet of Shady Groves? Well, hopefully our careful culling and collocating did the trick, and if someone out there is given help in their time of need, then Shady Acres will have done its job.

See you tomorrow night for Thursday’s quiz.


One Response to Crunch Time

  1. yolaleah says:

    The presentation you guys put on in class was fantastic. Seriously. And hilarious.

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