The Toys are Winding Down

This is the final week of my graduate library science summer session, with two more semesters to go, and the gleaming silver key in Robotic Librarian’s back is begging to be rewound. In these times of concentration, in the spaces between posts, picture if you will a dedicated wooden automata, encircled by increasingly unmanageable sheafs of stapled papers and flat-bound books, slavishly copying out the contents of his mind.

Writing Automata borrowed from Wired Blogs, Jan 29 2007

image from Wired Blogs post
by John Brownlee, Maillardet’s Automaton

Also, I need to thank everyone for their kindness and compassion after my mugging. So many of my classmates, my family and friends, my readers, and the professor whose class I missed have all made this ordeal a little easier. I arrived home today to find a beautiful, potted spathiphyllum at my door & a note of well-wishes from an anonymous friend. I can’t remember the last time anyone sent me flowers…and a peace lily at that!

Araceae - Spathiphyllum commutatum: From: Annales musei botanici Lugduno-Batavi by Friedrich Anton Wilhelm Miquel.

I can’t help but think of the Japanese peace lily in Hot Fuzz, which just makes me smile every time.

Wish me luck amidst this last encyclical maelstrom of work before the close of the summer term. My wish for you is simply peace.


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