The Full Monty

I recently came across these wonderful full access web resources and just had to share them immediately.

First up is a link to the complete Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story.  Todd Haynes is an astonishingly affecting film-maker who has emotionally blind-sided me numerous times.  Poison and Safe are each arresting thought bombs in their own right, but it is Superstar that earned him his notoriety when it was banned by Karen Carpenter’s brother.  This is probably the only film that has made me cry while telling a story through the use of Barbie dolls.  I first saw it about 15 years ago in Massachusetts from a bootleg video cassette and I am extremely grateful for its presence online today.  Check it out before it disappears again.  This is straight-up biography by the way, not World-Weekly sensationalism, with a devastating portrayal of anorexia that you will not soon forget.  (a tip of the pen to girish’s 25 June 2007 blog post)

Next up is a link to Haruki Murakami’s wonderful novella Pinball 1973.  Unreleased in America and so far only available as a grossly overpriced out-of-print import from Japan, this is his second novel, part of the loosely themed Trilogy of the Rat.  Really it’s a quartet of books, comprising Hear the Wind Sing, Pinball 1973, A Wild Sheep Chase and Dance, Dance, Dance.  You’ve likely heard of the last two, but for some reason Murakami is reluctant to release his first two novels stateside.  A genuine shame since they are each superior to his most recently translated work After Dark (though revealingly amateur, which is likely the source of his reluctance).  Check it before it too disappears into the ether.  Hopefully Hear the Wind Sing will show up as well and slake the thirst of many a Murakami fanatic.  (a tip of the hat to The Millions’ 17 May 2007 blog post)



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