Can you hear me now?

I apologize for the lack of communication these past six days.  My online service dropped out here & there after the deluge on the 23rd, raggedy storms that continue to beset the Chicago area just as I was planning a post about my imminent vacation.

So here I am, currently in London after a whirlwind tour of hamlets and villages that took me through rural England, as well as a day trip in Amsterdam proper.  There will be pictures galore when I can secure a solid connection (and more importantly an unbroken sequence of isolation) but I expect that this will not happen until I return next week. 

Watch this space for scandalous stories of travel and many comforting, disjointed dreams.


2 Responses to Can you hear me now?

  1. yolaleah says:

    label me jealous. incredibly jealous.

  2. Equiano says:

    Oooh, you’re on my side of the pond! Hope you’re having a lovely time. Not brilliant weather is it? But then that’s England for you, green & grey…

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