People have lost the ability to smile


Why do I keep thinking of Ray Wise?


Is it Leland Palmer?…

Leland Palmer redux

…or punk Leon Nash from Robocop?

Leon Nash, before the hair-pulling.

Seriously, though, I think Jack Lalanne is someone worth listening to. His sincerity is palpable, and skin-tight. As one commentator of the video says, he’s going to outlive us all. If you don’t believe me, check out his recipe for fish —



I mean, I feel like a voyeur somehow. How does he do that? it must be his inescapable finger push-up style. He uses television to massage our minds. His power over me is almost as stupefying as the bean-pile,

check it out

from images-trippy

Seriously, it’s not a flash file. Like the zen koan says, it is neither the wind nor the flag that moves, it’s your mind. (check out p.345)

Sorry, it’s almost mean to surprise people with it, if you don’t expect it. It’s like slipping somebody lsd unawares.


I should go to sleep, I think I’ve done all that I can do today.



2 Responses to People have lost the ability to smile

  1. PaK says:

    Leland! What is happening in this house???

    No, really. Why is sincerity so undervalued right now? I feel that the American masses are in a really weird place where we feel compelled to ridicule earnestness – but we simultaneously crave it. Why do we despise our own need so vehemently?

  2. yolaleah says:

    I like the picture…can’t take my eyes from it….

    And Leland Palmer scares the begeezes out of me.

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