A Taste of Things to Come

Here is a beauty of art nouveau architecture from the Tassel House in Brussels.

Tassel House Detail, Brussels

This is drawn from a mysterious boxed set of individual architectural detail pages I picked up at the White Elephant resale shop. I found it while researching Chicago’s 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition, which is a monster of a topic in and of itself. I’ll post more about it in the coming week, this here is just a little teaser.


5 Responses to A Taste of Things to Come

  1. Uglatto says:

    Your alive! Word to that.

  2. lynda says:

    the picture says art nouveau, is that not different to art deco?????

  3. Vaucanson's Duck says:

    Hello lynda,

    You are absolutely correct, Art Deco was a mildly harsher artform and came to the fore some years later, around WWI. To my eye they are of a piece, though Art Deco often features sharper, less integrated geometries. Sorry about the inaccuracy. I suppose mine is the second factual error found on the Interwebs.

  4. Tom Weights says:

    This is Art Nouveau not Art Deco…….come on people!

    • Vaucanson's Duck says:

      Thanks, Tom. I fixed it, and meant to do so, years ago at this point. I do not visit Robotic Librarian too often anymore, though I do have hopes of reviving it in some fashion soon…

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